A priest is accused of sexual conduct towards four girls at two churches.

Neil McGarrity, 68, allegedly attacked the girls between December 2017 and February 2020.

Court papers state McGarrity engaged in sexual activity with a girl between the age of 13 and 15 at Glasgow's East End church.

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It is stated that he touched the girl on the body.

A second schoolgirl was alleged to have been sexually assaulted at a Glasgow church between the ages of 10 and 11. 

It is claimed McGarrity repeatedly placed his arm around her, touched her on the body, hugged and pulled her towards him.

A separate charge for the same girl states McGarrity hugged her and stroked her on the arm at the church.

A third girl aged between 15 and 16 is said to have been sexually assaulted by McGarrity at the East End church.

The charge alleges that McGarrity placed his arm around her.

It is said that on a separate occasion he approached her from behind before placing his hands on her waist.

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A fourth girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by McGarrity at another East End church

She is stated to have been 10 and 13 when McGarrity is accused of repeatedly touching her on the body, repeatedly hugging her, playing with her hair and touching her face.

A separate charge claims McGarrity behaved in a threatening or abusive manner towards the same girl and another girl.

It is stated that McGarrity made contact with her on social media, uttered a sexual remark to the other girl "while in the execution of your employment as a parish priest."

McGarrity denies the six charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

McGarrity, whose bail address is third Glasgow East End church, will stand trial later this month.

He remains on bail meantime.