A Glasgow man was caught by police during a heroin deal. 

Robert Comrie, 52, was spotted by officers around 7pm on January 5, 2023.

Cops were on plain-clothed patrol in an unmarked vehicle and saw him walking on a footpath at Brandon Street in Dennistoun, with two other men.

They appeared to be involved in a transaction.

Police left their vehicle and approached them, identifying themselves.

The trio was informed they would be searched. At this stage, Comrie said to the officer he had diamorphine, also known as heroin, in his pocket.

Cops then found 57 wraps containing brown powder.

They arrested Comrie, of Dennistoun, and took him to the police station.

The powder in the wraps was tested and came back positive for heroin. It was also valued at £1140.

Comrie appeared at a hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, in front of Sheriff Bernard Ablett, after he pleaded guilty to supplying the drug.

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Comrie's lawyer said: "He has been using drugs, he has difficulties with his mental health. He is not fit for unpaid work. The hostel where he stays has confirmed a tag would be suitable."

Sheriff Ablett said: "It has often been said that those who are concerned in the supply of class A drugs should be sent to prison.

"However, in this case, I am prepared to impose a restriction of liberty order on you, as well as supervision."

Comrie was tagged and ordered to stay within his home between 7pm and 7am every day for 120 days.

He was also sentenced to supervision for 15 months.