DAVE KING admits Rangers’ current commercial contracts were ‘poorly negotiated’ and ‘short-sighted’ deals as he looks to get round the table with a number of key partners.

A court gagging order prevents King or his fellow Ibrox directors from discussing the details of the agreement in place between Rangers and Sports Direct.

He was even unable to answer a question on the shirt deal with Puma from a shareholder at Rangers’ AGM in Glasgow on Friday morning.

But the Light Blues chairman hopes the situation will change for the better in the coming years as the rebuilding work continues on and off the park at Ibrox.

King told RangersTV: “I think if you look at a lot of the commercial contracts, and I’m not talking about Sports Direct just to make sure there’s no injunction, I think a lot of them were poorly negotiated.

“I think Rangers found itself in difficult circumstances in terms of the media value.

“I think those charged with looking after the club at that time were short-sighted and knee-jerk in some of the negotiations, and they didn’t really see beyond the next couple of weeks or the next season.

“A lot of these are maturing as well, so we are in a position to go to partners or other investors, and I think at the right level of value that we think that the Rangers name and the Rangers brand should support.

“So there are a number of opportunities right now to get back to what I would believe are a more normal valuation of the Rangers brand when negotiating with potential partners.”